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Thread: stranger than fiction

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    Jan 2006
    this movie was ok. will ferrell was good in a serious role, i really liked all the characters. i think it started out funny, then dragged a little, but picked up and turned out to be interesting.

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    abu_has_the_power's Avatar I have cool stars
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    i really really want to see this. i might go this weekend actually

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    Nov 2006
    will ferrel in a rom-com.Haha

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    i went into this movie not thinking it would be that good at all. i'm not really a will ferrell fan. this movie starts off kind of annoying of the sort with all the narration going on then the story picks up and as u reach mid movie to the end it actually is pretty good. i liked will's character in this film. he's not overly retarded like u know him and pulls off a man that is lost, but has a very serious/kind side with ease. not the best movie to watch if ur bored, but defiantly something good to watch if ur in need of a relaxing film. a good watch.
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    I was surprised that this has a very high rating in imdb being that its a ferrell movie. I'll go check this out this weekend and give my input afterwards.


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