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Thread: Can my ISP see what I download?

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    With Giganews recently introducing SSL Usenet, it got me thinking about when I've been downloading stuff like music/games from Usenet without using SSL -- and for future downloads because $29.99/mo for SSL Giganews is too expensive atm.

    Can my ISP see what I'm downloading or have downloaded with unencrypted Usenet?


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    Yes, they could monitor unencrypted data transfers but they probably don't care what you are downloading.
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    They ISPs could see what you are downloading but they don't ever report you. Their duty is protect customers. They don't care what you download.
    If you hacked a website, web's administrator can know your IP and report to the police and ISP can't protect you in that way.
    BitTorrent is different, everyone who download the same thing can see each others' IP. So BitTorrent isn't safe.
    Believe me, you don't need Giganews with SSL connections.
    I have been using UseNet with unencrypted connection for over a year

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    Is there any other way to protect from prying eyes (ISP), besides SSL ?

    Are there any good Proxy's which you could tunnel thru with minimum bandwidth loss ?

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    Your ISP doesn't give a rat's ass about what you download.
    For them the concern isn't what, but how much of.

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    Monitoring everyones download/upload behaviour is just impossible because of the work/money involved. Beside that, they arent allowed to search shit if they arent forced to do so by the feds (its called privacy). It would be the same if they would monitor every phonecall made. SSL is only usefull if you upload illegal material.

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    Secure Sockets Layer


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