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Thread: The New John Cusack Movie "identity"

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    i downloaded this new movie from various users on kazaa lite. but when i go to play it there is no sound or picture, just blackness. does anyone know what i need to do to play it, cos i think i got all the codecs i need.

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    WOW shows how smart the youth it today im askamed to say im still 15. ok look im gonna say it str8. the file u download is a fake. thats why theres nuthing there cuz its not the real go download one with alot of sources oe jus try a diffrent one. plz use commen sense before posting next time.

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    ok, pull ur head from up ur arse u prick. i downloaded it from 5 different sources and was wondering if it was fake or not. obviously it is. ur an arrogant piece of sh**e though.

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    hey pitbul> learn how to spell properly and then talk about being smart before you trash someone, ok? and perhaps he has a good copy but maybe he needs the proper codecs to view the movie. ever think of that?

    jezus why are people so eager to prove they're smarter by trashing people around here?

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    The best copy of "Identity" is put out by Centropy and is encoded with the Divx codec. So make sure you have it.

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