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Thread: 2 years - No Format/No upgrade

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    I posted this in the software forum by accident previously

    I've had my 3400+ 64bit, 1GB RAM and 6800 Ultra PC for two years with obviously no upgrade and no formats...It was a total beast when I first got it.

    I have far too much work related software and other stuff which would just be a total headache to reinstall and I 've never run into a problem where I need to format and run registry cleaners, virus scans and tune-up utitlies every week as well as the actual hardware a full clean once a month. I also haven't run into a game that wont run on the settings I play them at, which is a simple 1024X768 with no AA/AF but detail settings on high. These include Hitman 4, FEAR, Battle For Middle Earth 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. I get excellent results in general performance tests. I mainly use the PC for music production and video editing and post-production work (small videography business and film school projects)

    Basically, the point of this thread is whether or not I should look at upgrading...I have an AGP motherboard (Asus K8NE-Deulux) so if I got a new 3D Card like an 8800GTX, I'd need a new motherboard and then might as well get a new CPU too. So it comes to down to whether or not I should spend a shitload on upgrading my PC or look into a next-gen console and small HDTV...

    Do the current specs still have life in them for the way I play my games?

    Also, should I not worry about formatting if I don't a problem? This system has treated me beautifully from day one and I've never had the need to, but I've heard that it's good to format at least once a year.

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    imo never look forward to getting the next gen console over new pc upgrades. sure, i like consoles just as mush as the next guy, but i'm sure most of us will use the pc more over than any console. getting an hdtv is something quite different. i'd like to have one just to have one. y not? wait for laser? meh. as for ur pc not being formatted... if u feel as though there are no problems i wouldn't. unlike myself i prefer to format just cuz. no reason.

    if u decide to upgrade ur pc over a new console i'd do it to the extreme minus the best vid crd. buy a used pci-e vid crd from someone cheap and when better and more competitive dx10 vid crds cum out then upgrade to one of those or u could just wait 6 more months.
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    Your computer already exceeds my specs and I've not had any probs playing stuff yet,if you were to upgrade you might benefit from some more ram.
    To really upgrade you would need the full monty new m/board,new cpu,new pci-e graphics card and new DDR2 memory.

    As for formating if you are not having any problems then leave well enough alone.
    Do a defrag if you haven't bothered for a while,otherwise you sound well set.

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