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Thread: Torrentleech, anyone?

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    I consider myself a good sharer with ratios well above the limits on FL, TB etc. I only recently heard about torrentleech, and most people say it's one of the best trackers out there. So, if anyone would be willing to give me an invite, I would be most appreciative.

    It feels slightly retarded just asking for an invite, but I guess it's the only way to get into TL right now. I'm not a member of any sites with an invite system, so unfortunately I can't offer one in return.

    Filelist ratio (remember, I have an 8/1 DSL connection)
    R: 1.167
    U: Seeding 731.76 GB
    D: Leeching 627.04 GB
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    35 post and..... you only fl :S, no cant offer one in return :S,

    yes TL is very Good site

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    PM me with email.

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    is tl invites working now then?

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    yea they r workin again

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    @Oddish: What's your username on both TB and FL so I can check your stats personally...

    Edit: What's your profile page url for both TB and FL (couldn't search using users.php)
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    i want

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    Thanks, everyone! Buggyme hooked me up!

    Regarding my username at TB and FL, it's "Oddish" on both.

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    we got new Bor here .....


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