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Thread: Irc Is Starting To Get On My Nerves

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    so far for the last like week i ahvent download one thing, simply because i cant, everything i try to gte there no slots or if there is i get no such nick, ior nothing happens when i request pack. I mean Matrix reloaded i can understand that being hard to get, but casino inc, and other games i just cant get nothing downloads at all, thats what kazaa has over IRC no dam queues, anyway just wondering if any1 else is having same problems as me,


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    Yes, unfortunately, IRC is getting lots of traffic lately, mainly due to simple search engines like, and others too. These search engines make it easy for anyone to plug in and download files, so queue time is getting longer. B)
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    "no such nick" means the bot/ person serving the file is offline. I feel your pain but as far as getting album at usually 192 bitrate or at least the whole album for different acts, mystikal, blur, black crowes, freddie foxxx, it's irc.


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