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Thread: Need to contact

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    I need an email or something I deleted my cookies on my cpu and went to wild-bytes went to log in tried a couple of passwords now it says my ip is banned User ID IS Dave115 please have someone contact me I searched my save mail and only no_reply@wildbytes can be found.

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    go to their IRC room, they will help u there

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    How do I get to the IRC ROOM ??

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    Note: You get banned and need to talk with a staff member then you will need to install MIRC and then use this link irc://

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    sorry but I have downloaded Mirc this is new to me how and where do i input that link to contact them??

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    then go to select server and put

    then when u connect just type join #banned

    or just put the link in ur browswer I think thats a way to get in

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    All I get is unable to resolve server

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    Here's a link to the TPG WB threads. If you post there the WB staff will pick it up.

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    or try inseting this into your WEB browser as someone above mentioned.


    P.S. I sent one of their staff a message elsewhere and directed them to this thread as well as provided them a quote with your original message should they not have a login on this site.
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    This user made it to irc and is now back in.


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