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Thread: Oink Staff!!!!

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    I know Oink has always someone here watching the threads to see who is trading accounts and invites so im gonna tell you one thing...OINK SUCKS!!!!!!!!
    Let me tell you what looks that someone i invited has cheated and for that his account his disabled (so far so good), then i got all my invites taken and no chance of receiving invites again. I really don't agree with this but it's their rules so i gotta respect. I sent PM asking if it there was any chance of receiving invites again and they told that there wasn't. So i sent PM telling them that i would prefer to delete my own account and start a fresh one! One hour later i was going to log in and my account was disabled. I got an invite but i couldn't register because it says i was BANNED!!! Banned for what?? For saying i would disable my account and start a new one??? I had about 42gb uploaded and 15 or 20 downloaded.. Banned why???? As if this wasn't enough...they sent PM to my friend that invited me and told him that i was banned and if he sent me another invite, he would loose his account!
    Now i it worth to be a part of a community that treats users like this?? I don't think like that so i just wanna tell you Oink Staff...your tracker isn't so good like you think. You should have more respect for users instead of treating them like garbage. I still would like to know why can't i register a new account, just for curiosity!!

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    maybe because YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO DISABLE YOUR ACCOUNT TO RESTART A NEW ONE JUST FOR INVITES!! if you were gonna do this, why the hell would you ask for permission? and oink hasn't had registration for a long time. it's invite only, genius.

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    You didn't read right...i got an INVITE and still could't register because i was banned! Banned for this? Don't really agree but its their rulles...gotta respect.
    And i could trade the acc but i didn't...more honest than delete an oink account with 42gb upload to start a new one? Is this wrong? Don't think so

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    im behind him 100%, but plead the 5th for fear of losing my account!

    change ur ip address and get back in!

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    It would seem quite obvious to me since you were referring to invites in the pm and then said you were going to delete your account and make a new one that you were trying to sneak by the disabled invites... and get invites again. Otherwise who in their right mind would want to delete their account with a good ratio to start over with low ratio again?

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    Yes...i only want a new account because i'm a good user and don't deserve to have any kind of "bad reputation" or limitation in my accounts just cause someone i invited got the brilliant idea of cheating...that's all!
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    it's simple: you were trying to avoid punishment, which was absolutely clear from your PM. this made this guy you PMd angry, perhaps he was having a bad day, so he banned you. from their point of view it is perfectly justifiable, you were trying to use a back door. it is another question, that if you have not sent that PM, they would never have noticed your little trick (by the way, it is not very adviseable to PM the members of staff, rather ask questions in the forums: this is always stated in the FAQ).

    sometimes this virtual world quite similar to the real one: it cannot be decided who is right and who is wrong. i agree with them that this trick should not be allowed, but also with you, that this should not mean a ban.
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    I understand their point of view...i just don't think it's fair for me to loose all my invites FOREVER because a friend of mine cheated! I just don't agree with the way the treat users, they act like we had to beg them for second chance or whatever, i prefer to loose an account than beg for something! If i had something to hide i wouldn't PM them with my's all over and i've been banned. Fair or was their decision! Peace...

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    It may be better... who needs oink when there's DC++???

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    Was he really your friend? Do you know him personally? I only invite people I absolutely know I can trust; people that already know the rules of bit torrent and have good reputation on other trackers. One way to avoid this is to not invite random people. Easy as pie.

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