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Thread: Lots of seeders, no connections

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    On some torrents I can see there are lots of seeders, but I can't connect to any of them. Does anyone know what's causing this?

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    Are you connectable is the first question you ask yourself.
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    even if you are not connectable you should still be able to connect to (connectable) peers every time the tracker reannounces. I'm currently on a school network but I can still connect to most peers on good trackers because they are connectable. I can even upload torrents fine (and fast!).

    As a general rule you should have protocol encryption on. Most of my friends here who had the same problem (lots of peers, but can't connect to any) found that this problem was solved when they turned protocol encryption on. but I don't know whether your problem lies with your isp, your client settings, or both. also it may be the torrent, so rule that out first by trying more than one if you haven't already.
    hope this helps.
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