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Thread: Back to 2000???

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    Is it just me,
    Or if you have to reinstall windows xp from the new,
    fresh, working, perfect clean os you experienced right after you pulled your new computer out of the factory box? (assuming you still buy prebuilt computers)
    Well my moms gateway
    (p4 3.02ghz, 514ram..yeah)
    its a great system,
    but then, we had to reinstall xp.
    The problems began..............................................
    First off,
    The screen resolution somehow went wacko after it was left on overnight when we left...............
    Whenever you would close a program that takes up the full screen,
    The start menu and all the icons would disappear, and would only go back after a restart,
    And once we hunted down the lan driver for the thrasher motherboard,
    Oh, the spyware. spyware spyware spyware SPYWARE!!!! It was SO annoying,
    pop ups that take up the full screen,
    pop ups that start downloading stuff,
    Porn pop ups,
    talking pop ups,
    It really got old.
    We downloaded spyware removers,
    windows defender,
    a squared,
    and everything,
    Nothing helped.
    But the worst part,
    It seemed like every time i used it,
    something ends up not working,
    and its all mostly related to the internet,
    it not the internet,
    the operating system.
    Its really getting old,
    and its making me wish i never had to reinstall xp,
    and making me wish i never accidentally unplugged the computer after a virus scan while i was vacuuming..............-kicks self-
    And whenever i turned the pc on i got this "error rundll is executable" i had no idea what that means.........but its getting old,
    And my mom is pissed because it seems like whenever use it,
    something goes not working,
    i mean god,
    all i do is use limewire!
    something i downloaded probably is messed up.....but i doubt it.

    But heres my question,
    Would it be better if i just went back to windows 2000?
    I dont know why it would be better ive just heard that 2000 is the most solid dependable version of windows (well, as dependable as windows can get)
    and xp seems a little buggy........
    Oh yeah,
    And ill be sure to do a dual boot with ubuntu so that i can use limewire without having to deal with the bitch fits and guilt trips............................................................................

    So what do you think,
    Try to work with xp,
    Or will 2000 at least be a little better?


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    "But heres my question, Would it be better if i just went back to windows 2000?"

    No. Just to address the security concerns. They'd be the same or worse.

    But if you wanted a Windows OS just to surf & email. Nothing fancy. I'd highly recommend Win98se. When an elderly relatives win95 computer died. I insisted they get a used 98se computer. Virtually no security concerns. They wanted new. I explained about AV, AS, PF & updating & scanning. They got a used 98se computer. $50 & they're happy & I'm not worried about their computing security.

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    Just format and reinstall XP sounds like your missing some drivers for the mobo , Video and lan card I'm guessing . Look for a guide on how to set up XP, google it or search this forum .

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    Which windows os is the least bit of a hassle when it comes to drivers???

    It really doesnt matter which os we have,
    all we do on it is use limewire and aol,
    but the only concern would be my moms hood and house premier jeweler software,
    I think im just going to fix the internet business with xp and remove all the limewire stuff so it would be just the programs that my mom uses, then dual boot ubuntu and put everything else is on,
    that way,
    when windows is messed up she cant come crying to me..............all part of the plan to get her switched to mac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner31593 View Post
    all we do on it is use limewire and aol
    I think I know the problem....
    I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile.
    I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well.
    I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave.
    I will work to elevate you just enough to bring you down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner31593 View Post
    Which windows os is the least bit of a hassle when it comes to drivers???
    I'd say XP (and Vista has more). And if you're using it for Limewire, you better use protection (PG2! , AV, and as always a firewall).

    Edit: Also...let me get this straight. You reinstalled XP (complete reformat) and you got pop-ups? After you reestablish your OS, you should always goto M$ Update and get the latest, especially SP2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner31593 View Post
    .............all part of the plan to get her switched to mac.
    Good luck with that.


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