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    okay i have a ati radeon 9000 --> can i install this file? or if i install it will my computer have errors....? since im not sure about these things
    Voodoo3 2/3000 

    What's New in Version 1.07.00 WHQL Added support for DirectX™ 8. Descent 3 performance fixes when using OpenGL Motocross Madness 2 better V3 performance Fixed NOLF texture problems.

    Driver Versions Voodoo Series™ Driver kit: 1.07.00 WHQL Voodoo Series Win9x Display Driver: Glide™ 2.X Driver: Glide™ 3.X Driver: OpenGL® Driver Version: ICD 3dfx Tools Version:,

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    i have a nvidia card but i thought ati made there own drivers
    isnt voodoo a completely different card? if so you will have MAJOR conflicts

    go here for the latest driver for your ATI card

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    ah so u need to have it correspond to your card... icic... thanks i was just wondering if you were allowed to use a different one...

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    yes absolutely. get the drivers from the link i posted.

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    heh i am.... itz just that i dled n64 emulator... and some graphics are missing.... so i was thinking maybe itz the video card and some newer plugins required a vodoofile thingz... lolz... o well... itz still playable

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    Voodoo cards are (were) made by a company called 3DFX.
    Your card is not made by 3DFX.
    Get the drivers for your card from Ati.


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