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Thread: The Hot Deal Thread!

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    What: Timberland 40% off at their online store. $10 off $30 purchase using Google Checkout. St

    When: Ends Dec. 10

    How: Use code FFDEC40. Make sure you sign up for Google Checkout to the extra $10 off $30 purchase. Stack them both together.

    Shipping is not free.

    I need me another pair of butters anyway so this is a sweet deal.

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    Bottle of Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Semillon is only £3.99 in my local Somerfield. Oranjeboom lager is 8 cans for a fiver in my local Spar.

    I took advantage of these fantastic prices yesterday.

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    I thought timberland was a cheap make anyway, there was a timberland shawp in town a while back and it was constantly loiyke 90% off. Was loiyke £4 for a pair of jeans

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    is everything.
    My company is offering some good prices for one-way tickets to Bodrum at the moment should anyone feel the need to travel to Turkey and not come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manker View Post
    Bottle of Jacob's Creek Chardonnay Semillon is only £3.99 i
    gorgeous liquid
    it costs £7,26 here.....

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    Get a DirectBuy membership.....if

    You are in the market for expensive items and don't mind waiting 6 weeks for your stuff.

    You will save thousands of dollars.


    I have no livingroom furniture (ironically I have furniture in the unfinished basement). I went to Regency Furniture to look at livingroom sets.

    For a particular leather sofa and loveseat together it's $2450. The chair is $830.

    So that's $3280 for the whole thing...not including tax or delivery.

    At DirectBuy, I find that manufacturer has a sleeper about $115 more than the regular sofa. Total cost of the sleeper, loveseat and chair is.....

    $2200. That includes tax and delivery.

    So for less than the cost of a sofa and loveseat at the retail store, I get the whole shabang (with the sleeper instead) including delivery and tax.

    There other things like BluRay disc players, projection TVs, flooring, snowthrowers, etc that can be had in the club.

    You basically pay a memebership fee to be in the club. The club allows you to be buy merchandise straight from the manufacturer.

    You save the most on big ticket items. I usually go to a store and find the items I want, right down the serial number, then buy it through DirectBuy (when I joined over 10 years ago it was called United Consumer Club).

    This is excellent for gadegeteers and folks moving into a new home.

    It crossed my mind to post about this cuz I was recently pricing a lot of items (I need a new upright freezer for instance) and thought I'd share it with you.

    Membership is kinda expensive but the savings can be astronomical. I know someone who bought a complete dining room set worth $10000 retail, for $5000. The kicker is that you don't have figure out if you're getting a deal on the price cuz you can hio a retail store first and see their price.

    One example from years ago gave a good indictation why it's great to buy from the manufacturer.

    A Barcalounger in the sales paper was $1000 and you could choose from 3 colors. Through the club it was $520 and you could choose from 24 colors.
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    Barbie's mom up for cheap BJs, $5 for two and $10 for three, with 20% discount if you let Barbie watch while at it.
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    Get an online savings account.

    They are FDIC insured and all you need is another checking/savings to transfer your money to and from.

    Some of note

    Emigrant Direct
    ING Direct
    Citibank Direct
    HSBC Direct

    Many of these bank range from 4.5 to 5.15% annual yield. Some also offer bonuses for sign-up. I got $25 just for signing up with ING. The person that referred me got $10. You can keep going with family members and friends.

    You can set most of them to take money out of you regular checking/savings account at regular intervals.

    It's a no-brainer.

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    Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Box Set

    $13.49 after

    using code MCOCT2006 - it takes 10% off and gives free shipping

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    40% off at

    Use code FF7JL307 at checkout.


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