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Thread: Have You Heard About Kazaaplatinum

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    Have you heard about " Kazaa Platinum"
    Are those peple Crazy or Wat have to pay to Download a Movie DVD Quality ??????????

    please !!!!!!!!!!!

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    No I haven't heard about it.

    Do you have a link.

    I may just give this a try, if it's not too expensive.

    Are you sure it can download DVD movies tho, sounds too good to be true.

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    you have to subscribe m/y But my question is the same Why would you pay $$$$$
    if you can get it free Klite Rocks

    Just add .com at the name and that's the url

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    Sounds like a Kazaa Gold-type scam! I'll never trust something with Kazaa and the name of some precious metal in its name... Especially if they ask you to pay!

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    JPaul your meant to be experienced at these things you've been around a while....I hope you are joking in your previous post.
    You might trick other gullibles into falling for this scam crap. And before anyone starts a whole conversation on this its been sqaid and done many times before but these things really do not concern us K-Liters. They are for those people who have @Kazaa after their names. Mugs we used to call them. Although I would be interested to find out if its true wether there is no spyware in it. I bet its not. But well prob. never know unless someone actually buys it just to check.

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    The site is, which is registered in California under the company name of a.MG Inc.

    I believe this is even worse than Kazaa Gold.
    I've checked their payment method and their using a billing method called 'Gito'.

    Well, there ain't no billing company called Gito, but does resell freeware (aint that a coincidence*LINK*
    As you can read if you follow the link it's based in Pakistan and a total rip-off.

    But some people have noticed getting spam after signing up and, what's worse, as gito isn't a billing company you're GIVING AWAY YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND PERSONAL INFORMATION.
    At least Kazaa Gold uses a trusted billing company

    Stay well clear of this sh*t

    lol, just noticed that they claim to have a ZDnet editors choice award. If you search ZDNet however, you'll only find a sponsored link to
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    Well after Microsoft releases longhorn with it's new "security features" that will halt all dl'ing of copyrighted material, platinum kazaa will look pretty good.

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    Well, you're COMPLETELY missing the point here.
    What they do is sell a free software product (KazaaLite) for some dollars p/month.

    They don't have legal content. It's still the Kazaa/Fasttrack network. It's a scam.

    Take your gripes against Micro$oft somewhere on-topic
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    your right !
    I was missing the point.
    There are alot of kazaa's that charge you for it out there.
    I saw a woman selling it for fifty bucks on her own web site.
    She was taking an already made product that she had nothing to do with and was selling it.
    I could'nt believe my eye's.

    "Take your gripes against Micro$oft somewhere on-topic"

    Don't tell me to take this somewhere else!
    This is a place where you guys start the most ridiculous topics on web.
    delete delete

    delete delete


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    Posts in the lounge don't count to your total :-"
    Can't remember a movie's name? Ask help at MovieWorld's Lost & Found

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