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Thread: Windows Xp Service Pack 1 Problem

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    i been trying to install service pack 1 for xp but when im installing it, an error comes up saying that the setup was canceled but i didnt even cancel. im downloading it from the microsoft windows update site. please help!!!!!!

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    Is this a downloaded copy of windows xp? If it is you might need to change the key to one that is not blacklisted.

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    nah nah this is legit i got it when i bought the comp.

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    Probably because you are not using a *cough* legit *cough* version ?

    Try THIS and paste ---&#62; javascript:q(235333,"crack") <--- into the address bar.

    Good Luck



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    .......................... also, if you turn off certain services in XP, Microsoft Update won&#39;t work.

    Can&#39;t remember which service(s) they are now though, sorry.

    Good Luck



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    funny pmbuzz but i am using a legit copy and i dont think ur soloution works but thanks for ur help.

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    have you ran a scan disk and a disk defrag lately?

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    From what you are saying tells me that your copy of xp, or your COA Key has been Black-listed, Doh&#33;&#33;&#33; If it&#39;s legit like you say then someone has ripped you off.
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    Try downloading XP SP1 to your computer and install it from there. And if that fails, re-install your OS and then install SP1.

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    Check Control Panel- Add/Remove Programs- then look for Service Pack 1, if it&#39;s in there, remove/uninstall it and do it again. I suggest downloading the network version, burning it to a cd, just in case you have to reformat or something- saves a lot of time if you&#39;re on dial-up like me.


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