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Thread: 50 Cent

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    do ya guyz like 50?I think he's awsome!

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    I think he's alright. He's not the most lyrically talented rapper out there right now though, like amphoteric88 said. He gets over played WAY to much on the stations here in the valley (cali). Plus how they compare him to Tupac. He ain't nothing like 'Pac. Even if you got shot as much as 'Pac, or came from the streets like 'Pac. He ain't nothin' like 'Pac.

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    50 cent left a bad taste in my mouth. He played a concert near me two weeks ago, showed up 2 hours late for the show, and played only 2 or 3 minutes of each song in his set. He was still good, but I was completely disapointed. The other bands that followed him had to have their sets cut short, and everything was a mess.
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    I liked him more when he was put out "how to rob". i haven't heard the new record and really asides from the "pimp" song i'm not rushing to listen. funny he criticizes ja rule(note: i'm not a ja rulke fan) for rnb duets and then puts out the wack ass "21 questions" with Nate Dogg.

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    50 cent is off the hook boyyyy. word.

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    im hopin u aint callin me boy dats jus rong boyyyy lolz im a gurrl

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    I like some of his stuff and thought Get Rich or Die Tryin' was an album where you could listen 2 every song without needing to skip it.

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