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Thread: Charmed

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    hello lounge,

    people.. I need your advice please, Sirs .. ma'ams
    Is it good?

    From what I gather it's hawt chicks slinking around in silk nighties... but they do magic and stuffs.

    I've also heard it's got a similar feel to Buffy and the same people tend to like both shows (although it's proponents admit it's not as good)

    My first impressions have always been bad of it though and it always appears dumb on the surface.

    Well, I liked the whole Buffyverse stuffs and my monkey is loving it so I thought Charmed might actually be worth a shot as something for us to watch

    I've downloaded the first series a couple of times in bulk over the years and deleted it before trying when I've needed the space.. I now have it downloading again but the is a doomed feeling that it may get deleted before tried again

    what do you think?

    is it worth watching the first episode?

    would that be enjoyable to me.. would it enlighten me to it's overall goodness?

    is the whole vast catologue available of similar standard????


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    ive not watched it but...i know that a girl i know likes it, so i think its for girls but im not sure about that.

    ironically the only time the show introduces a strong male character, he turns out to be the source of all wickedness. The 'good guys' look like lapdogs and most of the male characters in the first few seasons of Charmed had impossibly chiselled chins and trademarked haircuts.
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    hmmm..I see. Thanks for the review, Sir

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    Just watch one episode, then delete everything, cause the rest is the same.

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    it sucks so much bawl - nothing like buffy at all

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    It starts off a bit weakly but takes darker turns later on,bit like Friends with magic and no comedy.
    I would think monkey would love it,and there are lots of hot birds in it.
    When they start blasting demons and such it is good fun.

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    on something.
    It has its moments, but I wouldn't watch the whole series from start to finish, it's more for when you've got nothing to do, and you can't be arsed to get out of the sofa.

    Also, I dunno about hawt chicks. Some of them are mildly attractive, but if it was for sexness, I'd watch something else.

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    hmmmmm.. mixed reviews... still can't bring myself to actually watch any the episodes I've downloaded to try it but thanks for the reviews so far

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    buffy is way better than that crap

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    Never watched an episode but I once had a gf who absolutely loved it. At the time, I was about 20-21.

    As girlfriends go, I rate her average to rubbish - I was only in it for the arm-candy kudos and she was worse in bed than she thought. On that basis alone, I'd say don't watch Charmed.
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