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Thread: What's needed for Counter Strike?

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    My one friend and I are planning on playing it LAN tonight, never actually done it before so what do I need?

    I have a copy of Half Life, but do I need it to play CS? Which version do I need to act as a HL mod and where can I get it? Or is there a version I can get where I don't need HL installed? Also, with CS: Source, do I need a copy of HL2 or is there a stand alone copy of that too? Which is the earliest version of CS I should get?

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    if u have hl u get cs free. cs has it's own stand alone though if u just want that, but personally i'd get hl then get cs for free. i prefer css over cs anyday. even though cs has LOTS of maps and sometimes better too. i just prefer the grafx in css over cs as the gameplay is pretty much identical.

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