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Thread: whats the process

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    Hi all

    let me cut a long story short

    I bought a website from ebay. (PAID IN FULL)

    I am 100% owner....

    Hosting it at 10 month with hosting company.

    They havent sent me a bill for 2 months.

    So when i forgot my login details i emailed them for them.
    The site was still live and my payment plan on website was changed..

    they replied...
    After 2 months of no answer to our emails we came to the conclusion
    you no longer required the website hence the change in paypal.

    Yes you bought the content of the site outright not the hosting.

    In the end they gave me details after i paid 3 months hosting..

    3 hours later i get email from them:-

    It seems there has been a mistake with the website. The reason it had
    its paypal address changed as it was resold due to you not answering
    any emails.

    Is what theyve done legal

    I thought they should suspend account not resell it as i own it
    name and content


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    It doesn't seem correct at all.
    On one side it is not their responsibility to remind you to pay on time.
    Does it say anywhere in their rules that they have the right to sell, if owner does not respond/pay?
    Did you give them the correct email adress?
    If not then your screwed, cause it seems they sent you warnings....

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    thanks 100%

    hosting was optional

    this is what they said on there advert..

    (Q) What are your monthly hosting fee's?
    (A) The hosting fee is 10 per month. This includes 3gb of webspace and 100gb bandwidth per month (Optional)

    (Q)Is the domain transferred to me or will you still own it?
    (A)Full ownership of the domain will be transferred along with the full site, content areas, once payment has been made.

    if i own it 100% nobody has the right to sell it, or change it....
    it doesnt matter how long i leave should of been suspended not sold or tampered with...the site is mine...seems like its legal to steal..

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    Sounds to me like the sites should still be yours legally looking at the answer to Q2 its just hosting it they should have suspended.
    You need someone with legal expertise to look at it.
    Hope you kick their arse.

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    thanks gripper

    i sent them some nice emails and got nowhere

    i sent this one:-

    you had no right to resell something that wasnt yours

    you soon suspended my site when i found you had been tampering with the
    payment email....
    That proves i am right...

    Also when i got into my email account....this one...all your emails are
    i promise if this isnt resolved soon i will make it my ambition to rid
    the internet of thieving companys like yours..You steal from people and
    you think your above the law....your not...i will seek legal advice on
    this situation.
    your a thief....

    i work 12 hours aday for 6 days to let someone like you thieve off
    me....dont think so. You think i am some dickhead......dont
    underestimate me...few have

    i own it, hosting was optional, it does not say anywhere in their rules
    that you have the right to sell, if owner does not respond/pay?

    resolve this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they replied:-

    Provide me with an address and we will send you the website content via DVD ONLY and you can host it where ever you want.

    We will transfer the domain to you when you have provided the details.

    What the hells there problem.

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    If the domain runs out you have 3 months before it's placed for sale again, so it's a bit odd to what has happened.

    look @ for info on the domain, required by law, so the info should be good and up to date.

    Hope you get it sorted.

    Just for info,
    I could have got you a lifetime account with my server
    (Hosting package Never Renew Again) for 60,
    1.2GB storage & 60GB transfer per month.
    extra = + domain name 20 for 10 year
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    Hi Buffalo,

    Ive only had the website for 3 months

    Hosting was optional, so they should of suspended my account not sold it

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    you need to go upside their heads

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    Oops up inside your head
    Oops up inside your head
    Say oops up
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me


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