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Thread: Matrix Outfits

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    This thread is NOT about where to download the movie.
    This thread is about where you can get Matrix clothes (if you feel like wearing them )

    Here's where I found some nice glasses
    Matrix Glasses
    Here's a picture of one of them, the Neo II glasses.

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    i want the orpheus black ones

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    If you bothered looking at the site you would have seen them

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    i must say those are really cool!

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    Matrix Outfits!!! *LINK*!
    Can't remember a movie's name? Ask help at MovieWorld's Lost & Found

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    sorry but this is really lame...

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    LOLOL yes this is lame! You can buy these things for like 15 bucks at ROSS. HAHA if you actually pay for this just because it says something on its tab like 'official matrix material' i laugh at you

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    HAHA wat a rip off at the sun glasses site.. At the site Notorius_bic linked you can buy the costume and the glasses for as much as the first site is charging just for the glasses.. pshh.. what a scam!

    Standard costumes includes: Glasses and Coat.

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    i can see all you guys now running round ure house playing matrix

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    Can't believe this would make a thread. It's like some sorta holloween thing going on in here.

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