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Thread: Nvidia...divx & Xvid Playback Issues

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    Anyone eles having this? Some players will play either divx or .xvid. They should play both

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    DivX & XviD issues are not video driver related.

    You need to install the proper codecs to watch them. Install the K-Lite codec pack, that should get you going.
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    this I know, however you must not have thought that my question was from my viewpoint
    .xvid and divix before the driver were working, obviously I had the right codec pac. If I did not I would never have written this question

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    Then may I kindly suggest you post your question in a way, so that people don't have to piece together the evidence from a link to Nvidia Detonator Drivers and a statement that some players play divx and others xvid.

    Perhaps you could give a more clear description of your problem and what software etc. you're using

    However, in the meantime, I will give it a second try.
    You're now implying that this problem ocurred after you installed the new detonator drivers.
    In that case I stand by my first reply:
    -remove all codecs and codec packs
    -Re-install K-Lite codec pack.

    If it doesn't work, roll-back your video drivers to the previous version you had (although that shouldn't make any difference whatsoever as video playback is not driver-related)
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    What he means is...

    You cannot play an XVID with the DIVX player.

    But you can play all of those in Windows Media Player (with proper codecs installed). However, some of those movies are HUGE 640x800 sized screens. And you definately need a fast computer for those, even if your graphics card is fairly good.

    I know this. My PC is a Pentium4 at 2.0gHz and plays all movies with no problem.

    The PC at work is a PentiumIII 500mHz, with 64mb video Radeon, and it struggles with movies LARGER than 350x240.

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    2.69 ghz pentium 4
    guys there are no spacifics...its random....this simple Before (GOOD VIDEO) after (BAD VIDEO)
    yes every media player could play every format.

    This might be a software issue but you know what sill is working perfecty, virtDub playback all of it works great. wierd


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