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Thread: Mac Users Share On!

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    Mac software opens path for music pirates
    Thursday, May 15, 2003

    New software from Apple Computer that lets Macintosh users buy songs from an online music store can also be used to share songs via the Internet, raising concerns among record labels and music publishers about a new avenue for piracy.

    Apple's new iTunes software was designed to allow people to store songs on one Mac and play them on other Macs on the same home network. But users quickly found a way to share songs with a wider group of people over the Net. Since the iTunes software was launched two weeks ago, several Web sites have sprung up to help users find others who are sharing their songs online. Some adept programmers also found a way to let people copy the songs that iTunes users were making available through the Internet.

    "It sounds as if it is a hole in the security that needs to be closed," said Cary Ramos, an attorney for the National Music Publishers Association. "I don't know what Apple can do to achieve that, but I would certainly hope that they would take steps immediately to address this issue."

    Notably, the copy-protected songs that Apple sells through its iTunes Music Store apparently cannot be shared through either a home network or the Internet. Only song files that users copy from CDs or download from unauthorized online sources can be shared.

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    I feel bad for the ones that pay 99 cents per song. They need some guidance.

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    Originally posted by mobboss01@19 May 2003 - 02:55
    I feel bad for the ones that pay 99 cents per song. They need some guidance.
    they need to learn to take risks
    nothing ventured nothing gained
    getting files is heaps harder on Mac, heaps less sources and way arcane systems
    itunes cuts really nice mp3s though, a really great app [can't wait for the PC version to come out]
    it would be swell if kazaa could share with itunes


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