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Thread: 95-98-me-2000-xp

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    This is probly the most freq. question asked but here we go. I want to know what o/s is best for my needs. I will list specs below. (It's no super comp, but its my baby )

    Etower Emachines 633ids (Celeron)

    128MB Memory

    66Mhz System Bus

    15Gig Hdd

    8MB Mem Card

    I don't plan on playing any games, I really just want the PC to surf the internet and to record TV shows wit my cap card and to burn CD's

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    harrycary's Avatar Poster
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    Windows 98SE.
    XP may be too much.

    Add memory, memory and more memory. It's so damn cheap and is your best bet for improving whatever O/S you use.

    Get a better graphics card. Practically anything else would be better than what you've got.

    I'm sure others will chime in.

    Good luck with it.

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    XP is way to much (so slow) ill think bout 98 but i still want more opions
    to lazy to buy mem

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    I'm thinking Windows 2000 given what you say you want to do.

    I was going to say try XP. I have setup quite a few with only 128megs ram. Works ok. More ram would be better. If you don't like it you could always go back to Windows 98 Second Edition.

    Forget 95 & ME.

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    I agree, try XP and if you feel it's too slow go with win2k unless you want to play lots of games, which I doubt considering your computer isn't very fast.

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    i only really want to surf and record, im not to much of gamer

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    Well then use 2k or XP.

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    Use 98SE or 2k, XP might be a bit much with that Mobo architecture and DEFINETLY add memory.

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    ok i narrow to 98 or 2k whats the diff in them?
    (how much space do they take up?)

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    Omaha, Ne USA
    2k will be plenty more bug-free.

    (install size per Micro$oft)
    Win98: 120-295Mb, depending on the configuration(ave. 195Mb)
    Win2k: 650Mb

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