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Thread: alternative that offers FASTER file download speed

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    I ended my Findnot subscription in this July due to multiple server down occurrences. During major part of my subscription, however I did have reasonable speeds and their technical support was responsive.

    Reading this thread, it seemed even after this July continuously had multiple service interruptions.

    Kinda thinking about giving them another chance...
    A couple of questions to those current customers...

    1. Are you guys having good experience with lately? Are speeds good?

    2. Any better proxy service that offers faster speed that Findnot?

    I use proxy service for a lot of web-browsing, and small but frequent downloads. With Findnot, I had 70-80Kb/sec down. Any service that offers better speed than that would be lovely!

    3.'s Google Checkout payment option
    Who is this Google Checkout registrant? And how is it related to

    Order Details - GlobalPaySolutions, 305 396-3820, P.O. Box 134, Apache Junction, AZ 85219 US
    I always think's marketing techniques entice suspicion at best - so many phony-looking Findnot affiliated web sites floating around. seems to be always having problem offering its customers an easy and comfortable payment option.

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    I would be very leary of findnot. Aside from the servers being down, there are other problems.

    For instance, I signed up and did nothing but surf the net. No files downloaded. No spam sent. Etc. etc......yet, they suspended my account after just one week and accussed me of sending spam.

    No questions asked, just cancelled my account and took my subscription fee of 30 bucks.

    If this can happen to me, someone who only surfed to basic websites, google, yahoo, and so forth, imagine what else they are capable of.

    Furthermore, remember this. All of your passwords, and any other info are available to the folks at findnot. Whoever, wherever they are, they can sit there and watch everything you do.


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    I've always had a hard time with the pay proxies. Sure the VPN and extra security is nice, but I cant seem to find anything reliable enough to make it worth while. Not to mention, I really don't feel all that secure - If they want to figure out who you are and what you've been looking at, they will.


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