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Thread: something to trade

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    bud1weizer's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +4
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    Aug 2006
    hi ALL!!!!!!!!!!
    i need thos sites
    i have about 47 sites that i cant trade account or invite so am sure we cant work something out
    ps:i cant provide proof of the invite if the sites is loader so.....
    just pm me whit ur offer and dont bad mouth my offert if u want to bad mouth go see ur mother is that clear.i dont give a crap what there worth if somebody need ones of thos i will be happy to trade
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    man2069us's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +2
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    Jan 2004
    You are basically looking for a ban instead of invites it looks like:

    Please realize this is not like other sites where you can just spam and hope someone will be generous enough to invite you. Ask for only what you really need and in an organised, proper and gracious manner and you may slowly but surely get all you are looking for.

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    Jun 2006
    man2069us speaks the truth

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    bud1weizer's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +4
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    Aug 2006
    its what i think am so fedup of earing ppl talking of what sites worth.all i got to sais is this is what i need and that i what i got to offer and i dont want to know if it worth it or trading not crying for invite if what i got u need then trade that all


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