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Thread: Underground Hip-hop

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    Lately i cant really think of much new music to get, i get all the new mixtapes but id really like to get new artist or groups to listen to
    Basically shit you htink we havent heard of before(or unreleased)
    so ill start:

    Benefit - Proceed With Caution
    Ill Bill - How To Kill A Cop
    Shabaam Sahdeeq f/ Cocoa Brovas - Every Rhyme I Write
    Jedi Mind Tricks f/ Tragedy - Genghis Khan
    Akrobatik - Hypocrite
    Akrobatik - Home
    Ali Vegas f/ AZ - Quiet Money
    Tommy Tee - Above The Law
    Freddie Foxxx - Aim Cock Spit
    Guru - Whers Our Money
    Whoridas - Harem
    Tragedy Khadafi f/ Canibis & Big Pun - Enemy Of The State

    Hope you like my list and i hope i will like yours

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    aww c'mon
    it'll be fun

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    try this McProjectile (its me) you might like

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    Atllas download a song called Hood Famous. your gonna like it trust me.
    also Denial The Danksta download a song called Dank Talk your gonna like this one too trust ME if u cant find them PM me

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    these good underground rappers can all be found on Kazaa

    Paul Wall and Chamillion
    Freestyle Kings
    Boss Hogg Outlawz
    Company Flow
    High & Mighty
    Missin Linx
    Black Moon
    Brotha Lynch Hung

    all I can think of right now...tell me if you like these guys


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