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Thread: Vice City Help

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    Can anyone please help. As I am trying to unzip this downloaded game, it keeps trying but can't, then it says that there is a code fault of a nrg, bad CRC, and says its d74dfsbd is faulty, and should be a d4fo6a90. Now what is all this?. where can I alter it and how can I do it. Also there are many others who are uploading this from my site even though I have put this notice on the information. Please help. Regards


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    El Shakaal
    Sometimes you may download zip or rar file with errors. It happens.
    What you can do, is to install the newest WinRar (I think, it's the best one). There is an option to repair zip or rar files were files where corupted. However not always it is posible to repair it, but why not to try.


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