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    appropriate source...

    Strange windows issues:
    --When filling in form bars, login bars, etc., a previous entry is no longer remembered (old entries, e-mail addresses, usernames and passwords at forums, etc which in the past were remembered). Does this have to do with search history/history/cache clearing programs doing their thing? Does it have to with running a program such as robo form?

    -- No matter what I change in the settings, folders and files automatically open up in the "large icon" setting as opposed to "list details", the way I prefer. Anyone know how to change that?

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    To enable/disable the "auto complete" function in Internet Explorer, click>tools>internet options>content, go to the "personal information" section.

    As far as file views go, click> tools>folder options>view.(windows explorer only)
    You can set all your folders to look a certain way or just that one itself.

    3rd party software isn't necessary.


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