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    A movie i downloaded will not play even though gspot said I did not need anyting special. This is what I get with gspot.

    It seems to be playing the file but no sound and no picture. I noticed that on the codec for sound it says no audio. Or is this just someones atempt to fool people into downloading junk, like renaming files.

    Thanks in advance.

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    you have downloaded a file with no audio its as simple as that ive been trying to get that same film for a wile now but nobody has it

    when you search you will get loads of users with the file but they are different films

    always download 20 meg then check it with avi preview in the tools menu if it has no sound dont download the rest also look out for it being a different film i ended up with roadkill but i continued downloading matrix because i wanted roadkill anyway

    if you download something and it is not what it is supposed to be rename it then when people search they will get the same result but it will say the new name on the right of the screen wich tells them it is the wrong film this might help stamp out cheaters

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    ive seen this movie in a newsgroup,but the quality really sucks

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    Yeah, the film has no sound. But can't you work out what the film is by the picture? Does it look like Matrix Reloaded?

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    no i get no picture and no sound, but the status on the bottom of media player, Divx Player and any player I use, keeps moving to the right just like it was playing the file, but nothing shows up

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    It'll be a fake. Sorry about the last post, I thought you said earlier you did get picture, don't know why I read it wrong.

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    Hmmm...maybe the index is messed up. Try using DivFix on it. If the file still doesnt work then its a fake.

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    no,the one u downloaded from kazaa is a fake,it is only on the newsgroups at this time

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    Newsgroups, IRC, Bittorent, KaZaA, eDonkey.. Its everywhere. I have part of it on KaZaA right now.

    BTW why was this thread just moved here? Why was it not deleted?


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