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Thread: Websense

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    I went to check this forum today and I was greeted by a screen saying that it's blocked by Websense, my university's internet filter software. I don't know if this block is specific to my university or if Websense themselves have added this site to their block list. It doesn't really matter to me because I can just use a proxy, but I thought I'd let you all know.

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    Have you tried other p2p web sites, such as and

    Whoever installed that filter is a f*cking commie. Deciding what you can and cannot read, what a bunch of SOBs.

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    That is not good - ok they block Kazaa, but blocking the forums? That is plain wrong.

    By the way, RN I love your new user title

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    this is the same at my skool.. all of this site is blocked
    ice ice baby

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    its the same at my college
    I can visit but not the forum strange
    There are 10 types of people in the world those who understand binary and those who dont

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    Maybe it's cause it blocks all of the .cx websites.

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    Search bugtraq for WebSense bugs. Maybe it's possible to fool it somehow so you can view the web sites you want to view and not the sites the commies want.

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    well maybe this is how it is...

    the university dont want you to use kazaa. then people go to this board to get help on how they can use kazaa anyway! so then they block this board too...

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    Has this only recently come into effect? I've been accessing it from school recently and they have Websense.

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    go tell your system admin.

    spout off about how this is a facility for education and by blocking material in this way is resticting you.

    let him have a look around the site and then i bet he will let you use it.

    If he is unhelpful go tell your headteacher. They are there to educate you and ristricting access to information like this is a bad idea.

    I was gonna give you a vunerabilty for websense as well but security focus does not seem to have any very odd.

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