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    I hope somebody can help I want to share files betwwen my 2 computers but not the internet both are running XP and I have a cross over cable I hve tried using the xp guide but I have not been able to sort it out any help would be great but please keep it simple as I am not too good with these things yet

    Cheers all

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    I think you shold assign one computer ip adress and the other

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    Why don't you want them set up to use a shared internet connection?

    If you set them up like that (one allowing connection sharing, the other sharing the first's connection) you should automatically get file sharing between them as long as you follow the wizard. If you don't want the second system to use the internet, then don't use it.

    Alternatively, if they've both got internet connection through a router then you shouldn't need to use a second connection at all.

    In either case, if you set them up to use connection sharing it will set up all the necessary clients and services needed for file and printer sharing for you. If you then tell them that you don't want shared connection it will still leave the file and printer sharing configured. All you need to do then is assign addresses manually as suggested by magister.
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