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Thread: Weird DVD drive problem

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    My DVD drive has been acting up lately. Whenever i put a disc in (it can be anything, a blank DVD, a movie, a cd album etc) after about a minute or so the computer keeps locking up, then carrys on again, and then locks up again, and it keeps locking up/starting back as long as the disc is in the drive. I'm not quite sure what could be the problem, trouble is I don't have any spare systems or IDE cables etc. so I can't really determine the problem.

    -edit- Forgot to mention the drive is a Pioneer DVR-111D
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike45450 View Post
    My DVD drive has been acting up lately...
    -edit- Forgot to mention the drive is a Pioneer DVR-111D
    A dead Pioneer DVR=111D apparently.
    The easiest test would be to just swap out drives and see what happens.
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    check your event viewer for more information about the problem. control panel > administrative tools > event viewer


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