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Thread: Help With Flt-vca Files

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    I just downloaded GTA vice city form mIRC,and i opened the Zip i expected there to be at least one exe file,but there werent can anyone please explain how to install GTA vice city through those files?
    thanks. B)

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    I just realized its in the wrong forum,hope i didnt break any rules though.

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    We'll just move you to the correct place

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    thanx,but can somebody reply to may question please?

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    what files are they - file extensions?

    Are they bin/cue files??

    And vca sounds like you've only got the 1st disk. vcb is the second.

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    There's lots of posts about this but basically you need to extract the first of these files (flt-vca.001) with WinRAR. Do this and it should give you a .bin and a .cue. Then just select to burn disk image with nero (or any other burning program) and choose the .cue file.

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    thanx should be easy from now. B)

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    My nero couldn't handle it with the version I got:

    Used Alcohol 120% and burned image no problem.

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    uhmm,i did all that,i got the que file but what do i do with the image?do i burn it on a disk?

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    Yes, or you can mount it using Daemon tools if you want to install it from the hard drive instead.

    edit: Don't burn it as a data CD, you have to specifically tell your burning program to burn a CD image. It will then ask you to choose an image file, here you select the cue. Remember to keep the bin and cue in the same folder on your computer.


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