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Thread: Home network

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    i want to connect two pcs in my home to the same internet.but i have no idea what to main oc has windows xp and the other one has windows me so what do i need to get to make them both connect to the same internet?

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    get rid of ME for a start, its rubbish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alien5 View Post
    get rid of ME for a start, its rubbish.
    We've been telling johnq86 that for ages.

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    ok i know i should get rid of it but can anyone help me out?

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    You have to connect to the internet with the XP system.
    You can then tell it to share it's internet connection.

    On the other system you simply set up the TCP/IP network to obtain it's addresses automatically, then connect the systems with a cross-over cable.
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    so what would i need if i wanted tot connect it wireless?

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    a wireless router and a wireless card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by backlash View Post
    a wireless router and a wireless card.
    Two more reasons to get rid of ME.
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    But it's Windows MILLENIUM EDITION, it just sounds so much cooler than the pussy XP
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    instead of a wire less card would i be able to use Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter ?

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