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    Help me please i am downloading a good marix dvd screener from am ftp:// site but i have a probleme its a .bin file not a .avi or .mpeg so what sould i do with a .Bin file can i play it with divx or should i download a progrma for the .bin make to .avi or domting like that please help me!!!

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    Well you could burn the .bin file to a disc, but Im guessing you dont want to do that so just follow this guide:

    It tells you what program to use, and how to extract an mpeg file from the bin file. Theres another program thats even simpler to use, but I cant think of its name off the top of my head. Ill hit you up if i remember. Happy watching

    Edit: I remember the program now, its called VCDGear

    Real easy to use, start it up, make sure its set to cue/bin -> mpeg, load the bin, and there ya go.

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    yeah dude..get vcdgear.. i know absolutly nothing about converting files or bin or cue..

    i had Matrix reloaded converted in 3 minutes.. very very simple to use

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    Wats the ftp site. You said SCREENER????

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    i cant believe you ppl didnt hold the instructions ransom with only payment
    being a link to the ftp!

    are you guys frickin crazy!

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    Damm you're right...Stupid...Stupid...Stupid [bangs head on table]...


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