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Thread: Old School?

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    Has anyone got the verified hash for OLD SCHOOL SCREENER

    I done a search but couldnt see a screener?


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    I too am looking for the best version of "old school".

    When it first came out I downloaded some small pile of crap cam version...and then saw it in the theaters. Now I want to put the best version on tape so I can send it to a friend in the army in iraq...

    I was just wondering if there was a dvd screener (not likly) or the best cam version out there?

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    There is a screener out but i guess noboby has it as of yet.

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    Chilly, If you haven't got it yet. Here it is.

    File: Old School (2003).avi
    Length: 731504640 Bytes,714360KB
    UUHash: =Sw6ZYaqrGcZ+3bGnq+rS1L8j0yQ=

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