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Thread: Need Help With Installing Split .rars

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    HEllo All;

    I hope that someone can hekp me as I am about as frustrated as humanly possible. I DL'd Sims 2 from I dl'd all the files, and am trying to figure out how to install. All the files were dl'd to one folder. They all have seperate names, ie; The_Sims_2_-_CD1.part1, part 2, part 3, etc. However, when I attempt to extract the files to one folder to open, i get an error message because all the files inside each archive are named the same for the series of CD. I DL'd Daemon tools and tried running a disc emulator program, and opened the first file, it seem to start off fine, got to about 23% then asked me to insert disc 2, this is where I get stuck. No matter what file I chose to open next, it will not cure the CD 2 message. After searching all over the net, this site was the closest I could find to being able to help me. Please help if you can.


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    did you try extracting the file from part1? That will extract the file that's spread across the parts.

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    Right click on the lowest numbered rar and either extract it to a folder you have created, or select "extract here", then copy the resultant files to wherever you want them. Don't try to over analyze it, Winrar knows what to do.

    That will give you CD1 (plus others if they are there).

    If there are other CDs not there you will need to download them as well and repeat the process.

    Then install the program, starting with CD1 and working your way thro'. It sounds to me like you are trying to install the program from the rar files rather than extracting them first which is the easier way. At a certain stage it needs you to insert CD2, it sounds to me that you haven't actually downloaded that yet.

    You can either burn the CDs (that's what I do) or mount them as required. I just burn them because I will want a back-up copy anyway.


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