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    go to this link and look at the number to the right... it says how much money is lost because of piracy, mad funny to see how much it really is.. check it out you might be suprised.

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    and the problem is?

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    Bullshit, but pretty funny

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    That will make a nice K-Lite Startpage

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    hope ya all enjoyed this... was going to make a poll asking ppl how much they though piracy was costing and then show the site but i didnt know how to make it.. maybe someone else might be able to do it.. would be funny to see this then it hits 30 bill hehe..

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    yea its bullshit though becuz i know most of the stuff i download i only download becuz its free..most of the stuff i download i wouldent even think about buying..just becuz i download a movie dosent mean i would have brought it on dvd

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    That continually changing number is based on estimates and files being traded. It is very subjective and open to interpretation.
    For example, I trade large amounts of files but I still buy music and go to movies. That fact isn't figured into the "formula" that is being used to make the calculation you see.

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