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Thread: I Am Having Such A Bad Time With Kazaa Today

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    Since yesterday I cannot get any of my downloads to get above fucking 0.50 kb/s!! Wat the fuck!! I have changed my supernode and restarted countless times.. Wat the hell is wrong.. I am like 2/3 done with my matrix and it should of been done like HOURS AGO.... I need help.. Anyone having same problem or does anyone know a good supernode?

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    it just happends, i had the same experience, the only cure to this problem is to be patience

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    Hey man it happens...maybe by chance what ur searchin for is hard to get or popular???

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    consider ure self lucky i had to wipe my comp, lost xmen 2 , matrix about 20 movies (thank god for vcds) and about 600 songs.

    absolutely gutted.


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