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Thread: Vice City Install Problem

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    Ok, I downloaded the two-Cd BitTorrent Vive City bin/cues, and I burned them without problems. But when I try to install, an error comes up saying there is a problem with one of the language files, that the parameter is incorrect. What should I do???

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    I had the same problem copy the spanish txt and delete the Italian one, then change the name of the spanish one to Italian then try the install again, you will get an error pop up during installation just click ignore, its only a language file as long as the language you want is there its ok.

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    I cannot delete the files on the CD, nor the files in the .bin using ISO Buster, so your advice is not very useful, although I did find a way to install it by simply extracting the files and installing on the C drive.

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    I copied the disk to the C: drive then did what i said


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