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Thread: Kaspersky anti hacker blocking my bitlord!

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    Help plz!! Kaspersky antihacker is blocking my bitlord program and a window is popping up every 10 seconds telling me that: DoS.Generic.Land! Attacker's IP address: Protocol/service: TCP on local port 10829...

    I was using kaspersky before and there was this setting i did which stopped this annoying thing,but i reinstalled it and it's back 2 the default settings and i can't remember what i've done b4...

    I tried allowing inbound and outbound TCP and UDP on local port 10829 (my bitlord listening port) but the same problem persists... Can anybody help me plz??? Thanx a lot in advance

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    Bitlord? why not get rid of bitlord for a better friendlier more respected client like utorrent or Azureus?

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    I though IPs in the 10.x.x.x range were reserved for LANs.
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    Well follow these steps:
    settings>anti-hacker>enable firewall>settings>zones' tab and then uncheck the stealth mode box in all connections.
    Then go to Rules for applications>Add>browse for the executable of bitlord (I never installed it but should be somth ending at lord.exe). When you find the executable it will open a new window with title "Edit rules for bitlord.exe"
    Here you press "template"> allow all. Thats it.

    edit: If you have a router you can also disable the "intrusion detection system"

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    use utorrent
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    use a different client, bitlord is a clone of bitcomet with bonus adware


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