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    I have a simple question I was hoping someone could help me with. I'm using XP pro, and I was just wondering if someone could tell me where to look exactly to see, (and delete if needed) what divx codecs I have installed? I thought it was somewhere in the device drivers tab, but I'm not seeing it.

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    I saw a post where someone was talkig about a program that could remove all ur codecs.....sorry cant find it

    but now u know its out there.

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    LOL...this is kinda funny, I actually have a program installed that shows all of the audio and video codecs you have installed and allows you to uninstall them. Im going to search around and see if I can find it. If I do Ill hit ya back.

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    m8 if u goto control panel>sound&audio devices>hardware tab,in the list just press audio or video codecs then properties and it'il give u a full list


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