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Thread: Help On Computer To Tv Watching Movies...

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    hello. i was wonder if i could burn a movie on a disk then watch it in my dvd player, instead of my computer. I was reading up on post and ppl talk about it all the time like they watch it on thier dvd player's i need help on doing this like what the step are exactly, it will be of great help...

    oh and im not a leacher i share at the moment 306 file... dunno if thats alot but to me it is... thnx,

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    yes you can watch on dvd player as long as it supports vcds which most do

    burn it as a vcd and it works on dvd player, look for a guide on how to convert,burn as vcd

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    It's extremely easy, just use a program like Nero (get it off kazaa if you don't already have it) and just click the burn as SVCD option. SVCDs can be burned on CD-RW drives and 95% of DVD players or more play them. Nero will automatically convert it to a SVCD.

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    Yes, you can make a vcd only if you have a cd recorder and a software called nero or easy cd creator and your dvd can play vcd-s.

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    ok i have nero but what if it is like 800 megs like the matrix1 how can i fit it on one cd? steps plz...

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    The answers to all of your questions.

    Hope this helps.

    This where I learned all I know about it.

    [EDIT]: You may have some problems fitting the whole movie on one disk.

    Most of the time you have to split it into 2 discs.

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    split it with? i used jrc but i dont think when you split it that way you can make it still playable with your current dvd player. this is what i am asking cause i dont have a dvd burner (and ALOT of ppl dont) and i only have cd's and a cd burner soooooo we start at my first question.... what to split it with and make it work in dvd player?

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    Hello again g0f3rrr. Well heres how I cut files when they are too large. Im guessing that since the file is 800mb it is a divx file so...I tend to use VirtualDub VirtualDub in order to cut films that are larger than 700mb. Follow the instructions here VirtualDub Edit. It tells you how to cut the films. To make the two files...bring your end point too about halfway through the film and then cut. Youll now have one half of the film plus your original. Now cut the original again only this time start the cut at halfway and go to the end, then cut. When you're all done youll have three files: the original, the first half, and the second half. You can discard the original if you want. Then just use a program like Nero to burn each .avi file as an SVCD and wollah you have a movie on two discs. Good Luck

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    omfg it is soo easy omg i cannot belive i even had this question stupid me oh well man your a big help!! thnx for all your help!

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    No problemo, enjoy the film. B)

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