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Thread: Dvd's Rip Burn?

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    ok i here alot about dvd ripping and dvd quality movies, ok my question is do you need a dvd burner to rip? and how to rip dvd's you probably hear this alot but i am not proficient in movies,
    but once i know how omg there will be alot more movies on kazaa believe you me!

    steps plz if you can.

    ps, if you can tell me how to put a dvd on a cd-r that would be VERY helpful!!

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    Hey there g0f3rrr, well seeing as how no one else has responded I guess Ill help you out. First off check out , they have guides on DVD ripping, VCD making, and all sorts of video goodness. Plus links to all the different programs youll need. If you cant find the answers you need there, then post here, and Ill see if I can help your problem. Good Luck.

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    thnx alot! and thnx for the ppl that have just turned thier shoulder cause ether they dont want to spend the time to teach others or they dont know how... but this is a major thread because noobs that have dvd's could start making thier own rips and kazaa could be a much happier and faster place! thanx again!


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