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Thread: Don't Mess With Women When You're Drunk

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    A man was down the pub one night having a laugh with his mates, after a few pints he got a bit cocky and said: "if you blindfold me and bring me one of those stuffed animals on the wall I'll tell you what it is and what it was killed by!"

    The blindfold goes on and the first animal comes over "Ah now that was a Lion killed by a 33 inch rifle!"
    and he was right so he got a pint for that, blindfold goes on again "ohh that was a zebra killed by a spear!" he was right again so that was another pint and he goes on like this all night not getting a single one wrong and staggers home pissed as a fart.

    He wakes up the next day goes into the bathroom and looking in the mirror finds he got a blackeye, "ohh I got a blackeye" he says to his wife "I must've got into a fight at the pub last night" "No you didn't" she replies "I gave you that!" "Well why did you do that?" he asks
    "Because you came home last night, put your hand inside my knickers and said a Skunk killed with a hatchet!"

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