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Thread: Irc-ork

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    Don't know if this is old news but i will post it anyway.

    IRC-Ork is a program that allows you to view and download all the files stored on several irc servers. It connects to a given number of irc-servers and once connected, it spies on xdcc messages sent by dcc bots. Every file advertised by every bot on those irc-servers is logged and put in a list. XDCC requests are made by a single click of the mouse.

    IRC-Ork can be used to spy on public servers which is illegall and discouraged. It's main purpose is to setup a FTP-like transfer via IRC. Let's say you have an intranet and you want to advertise internal files or documents. You setup an internal IRC-server which has dcc bots running with the documents you want to advertise. Once setup, everyone in your company can access your files or run his own bot. This is a fun way to share files and not as boring as ftp.

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    I havn't come across this program before.It seems a good idea and i'm going to give it a try,cheers

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    I know they can't be posted here, quire rightly.

    However can anyone point me in the right direction for a serial / crack / keygen for this.

    Obviously PM would be nice if you have it.

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    Nice , i'm going to give it a try too.

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    I was looking for a crack or serial but didn't have much luck about it.

    but guys, this program is far the best i have seen for any people who have no idea how to use irc to get files or find what they want. I recommend and highly sugguest you get this program and use it because its not only very user friendly but no ads or spyware within the program. it will make your lives easier for finding what you want on irc and know always where to look. it lets you connect to 100 servers at once and search all the channals without any LAG or timeouts, if you disconnect? it will auto reconnect for you.

    i been using this program now and its been far best program i have ever used next to BT , and kazaa. Irc is has always been the best way to find and get files, now you can and anybody can, you don't need to know how to use irc, this program will do it for you. so, what are you waiting for? downloading now.


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    I prefer packetseek it's a bit basic but it's free and easy to use.

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    trust me, its very basic and easy to use.


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