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Thread: Rapidshare Premium Account Users: Question About Premium Points

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    I paid for a Rapidshare Premium account because it allowed me to successfully download a file that was 2.3 GB. The account is going to end at the end of the month, but if you've used Rapidshare's premium service you know that you get "premium points" when other users download the files that you have sent to Rapidshare. The premium points can be used to extend you account. I tried to email the people at Rapidshare to ask a simple question: How many premium points does it take to extend your premium account by one month? But the best they could do is offer an automated response that didn't answer my question.

    If you've used Rapidshare's Premium account, can you tell me how many premium points it takes to extend your premium account by one month?


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    From Rapidshare FAQ
    Upload your files in your Premium-Zone, and you will get points for downloads of your files. You can then convert your collected points to free premium-accounts. (Check "Convert points" in your premium-zone.) You can also extend your own premium-account for free. You will get one point per download if the downloader is a free-user AND your file is bigger than 1 MB AND the downloader has generated less than 5 points in the last hour. This rules have been introduced to protect us from abuse.
    You need 10000 points

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    Thanks yeahdude. I just found out myself you need 10,000 points by clicking on the "convert points" button on my premiuim account home page.


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