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Thread: Isp Newsgroups?????

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    hi everyone, i haven't tried newsgroups yet, but i won't to real soon. I heard isps have newsgroups. my isp is optimum online and they have newsgroups that you can access through microsoft outlook. Is that how is done with other newsgroups? Are the isp newsgroups just as good as the other newsgroups? is it safe using through the isps, wil they monitor what you download? Also what is meant by the retention thing. what the hell is the difference with usenet and newsgroups, are they the same. what is meant by binaries I am really confused. besides the mantup guide, is there any other guide that explains everything about newsgroups. I know alot of questions, but i need help thanks.
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    use another newsreader. They have decent newsgroup access. It's what I use.


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