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Thread: Setup Wireless Broadband Router for Desktop to Laptop

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    I'm trying to set up a wireless network with a cable modem so I can access the internet with a laptop around my house. I have a Broadband Router from compusa. So I have this:

    a cable modem
    a broadband router
    2 wires: 1 wire that I used to connect my computer (ethernet) to my cable modem, and a new one that came with the router (has smaller ends)

    I've calculated it: there's 24 different combinations, I think. There's probably more. I have no clue what I'm doing. This is bugging me out. I need to be able to use my laptop while the family computer is being used so I can get my college apps done...urgent help, thank you.

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    You'll have to tell us what model of router you've got.

    The ports on your modem and your computer are called RJ-45. From your description of the wire that came with your modem it sounds like a different specification - RJ-11. Because of that it sounds like you may have a combined modem-router, that's one that plugs directly into your phone line, and that's not what you want in this case.

    You need a router with an ethernet WAN connection, in other words one which will take the wire which currently goes to your computer. Be careful, there's probably at least 1 other port which would take that wire, but that's the LAN side and won't give you the operation you want.

    Obviously, that's just speculation until you clarify the actual model name.
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