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Thread: Suggest A Book For Me.

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    I want to read a good book.

    Thanks for all the people that will potentially reply to my post.
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    most of the heinlein books are are sci-fi and have children/teens/young adults as the main characters.
    and there all graet u can find then in my can of books in the can of books section

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    Thanks for the suggestion, though I don't really like Heinlein.
    I don't know why, I jus't don't. ;/
    Any other books that you can think of?

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    Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast Trilogy.

    things are quiet until hitler decides he'd like to invade russia
    so, he does
    the russians are like "OMG WTF D00DZ, STOP TKING"
    and the germans are still like "omg ph34r n00bz"
    the russians fall back, all the way to moscow
    and then they all begin h4xing, which brings on the russian winter
    the germans are like "wtf, h4x"
    -- WW2 for the l33t

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    What about David Eddings Belgariad/Malloreon series or Anne Mc Caffrey's Pern books... They are in the links posted by Quiet Silence in the "books in a can" thread!

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    Rayman Feist's 'Fairy Tale'

    Surprisingly engrossing.

    Excellently written.

    Farmer's 'Riverworld' series. (five books I think).

    Isaac Asimov's Empire series.

    Stephen King's and Peter Straub's 'The Talisman'.

    Douglas Adams, 'Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy' series. (A five book Trilogy).


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    have you olnly read ender's game? there's a whole series of of books by orson scott card about the ender character. speaker for the dead and xenocide are the next two in the series

    there's a specially interesting series, called the shadow series which are the same story as ender's game but from another character's perspective. the first one is ender's shadow...excellent reading


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    Going with Orson Scott Card, I liked the Alvin Maker series. Heartfire is the first book, I think.

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    I also like when children/teens/young adults are the main characters.
    - Summer of Night by Dan Simmons, Horror with kids as main characters.
    - Stand by me by Stephen King, some kids are going on an adventure, no horror.

    i've read harry potter, and it was alright. too much for children.
    - Discworld from Terry Pratchett! Harry Potter but then good, hilarious!

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    Thanks for all the replys!

    I'll definetly be reading some of the books suggested. (some i have read)

    Also, are there any books out there about, more specifically:

    a gifted kid at military school. or similar.

    That is what I feel like reading...I will be reading some of the suggested books, but I really want a book that follows something similar..
    It doesn't even have to be military school..


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