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Thread: Metal Gear Solid 4 Still PS3 Exclusive, Says Konami

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    Yes, we know it's been rumoured many times before, and Kojima already denied it back in Spring. But what can we do: over the past two months, there have been at least a couple of new rumours claiming that Metal Gear Solid 4 would one day make its way onto the Xbox 360. In late October, the cover of EGM magazine was recycling the same rumour, and last week it happened all over again, on Noooz - whose "Emperor Boutros" invoked a highly anonymous source close to the dev team for his "exclusive" information. Guess what Konami's official position is on the matter. Again.

    When questioned by Joystiq, Noooz editor Daniel Boutros said that his source for the information is quite high up: "I rarely run with anything unless I'm 100% confident". I guess this would make a good example of how "rarely" ain't quite "always". But still, even after Konami's negative response (we'll get there in a bit), the guy insists on the validity of his info:

    "It's coming [on the Xbox 360] a few months later than the PS3 game, but it's happening folks. This is said to be because publishers - including Konami - don't believe there'll be enough PS3s out there by the time the game hits because of the blu ray diode failure issues. (...) this came pretty much from the horse's mouth, so you can count on this being legit."
    Oook, so what's Konami's response to this?

    "Konami has no plans to bring Metal Gear Solid 4 to the Xbox 360 at this time," a Konami representative told CVG, reiterating that the Hideo Kojima stealth-em-up was still "exclusive to PlayStation 3."
    We bolded that tricky part of the statement because - for instance - neither did Ubisoft have any official plans in early 2006 to bring Assassin's Creed on the Xbox 360 and PC, "at that time". And with a release date set in Q4 2007 for Metal Gear Solid 4, there's still plenty of time left for things to change. Especially if the alleged Xbox 360 version is only due "a few months later".

    I remember playing the first one with a cheese sandwich - cheddar if I recall correctly.
    MGS5 will likely be properly exclusive to the ps3.

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